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A funny talking parrot --- listen to what he says to his cat friends!

Children are taught that animals make different sounds to communicate with each other, but if they saw this video, they might be confused and not understand why a parrot meows and sounds like a real cat!…

He tells his parrot to go back inside his cage --- see what he replies!

During a fight it is difficult at times to remain calm and the more you become agitated the angrier you get! This parrot is nothing short of furious with his owner who for some unknown reason asked his…

How about broccoli as a snack? --- his reaction will make you laugh out loud!

Maybe some of you already know him?! The protagonist of this video is Eric The Legend, a cute cockatoo whose various vicissitudes of life are recounted on the web.  The videos posted by his lady owner…

It was abandoned by its family because it was different . . . but you will love it instantly!

Our physical appearance is similar to that of all other human beings because we have basically the same genetic code. However, sometimes DNA can be transcribed incorrectly during the earliest stages…

This parrot wants to reveal what it has learned --- Lend him an ear! :)

Parrots, as well as being extremely intelligent, have long memories, which allows them to learn melodies and the most diverse and descriptive words.  It is sufficient that they listen to sounds only…
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A journalist interviews two parrots --- the result is very impressive!

The ability that parrots have to reproduce the sounds they hear always intrigues everyone but what surprises us most is their ability to reconnect the sounds to specific situations. For this reason,…

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