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A woman buys fast food for a group of homeless people then they are all asked to leave

Sometimes, if you have the possibility, you try to do good to others with the means you have at your disposition. Often, just a simple gesture or a small effort that may seem obvious can improve the day…

Pregnant woman decides not to introduce her new born baby to her no-vax relatives until she is 6 months old

Living in a family that does not share your basic values can be really hard, misunderstandings and quarrels are always on the agenda and there is often the possibility that at any moment the relationships…

20 satellite photos showing how climate change is transforming our planet

There is something wrong with our planet and we experience it every day personally. The clothes in our closets do not match what is required for external temperatures. Either there is a sudden frost or…

Young woman gives birth to a premature baby, but is forced to return to work after only 12 days of maternity leave: a new mother's plea

Every mother needs to stay at home for a while with her baby immediately after giving birth. If this applies to anyone, we are referring in particular to working mothers who have legally obtained a certain…
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On a train, an elderly woman remains standing while young people listen to music, obsessed with their smartphones

There are those who maintain that in the past etiquette was too strict, which greatly limited the freedom of expression and the creativity of young people. Perhaps, there is some truth in this statement,…

A little girl sleeps alongside a 110 lb pitbull and to keep it warm, before falling asleep, she covers it with blankets

Children often feel that they have more or less well-founded fears with the most common ones being fear of the dark, of the monster under the bed or fear arising from real-life traumatic events. Little…
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