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A woman buys fast food for a group of homeless people then they are all asked to leave

Sometimes, if you have the possibility, you try to do good to others with the means you have at your disposition. Often, just a simple gesture or a small effort that may seem obvious can improve the day…

20 satellite photos showing how climate change is transforming our planet

There is something wrong with our planet and we experience it every day personally. The clothes in our closets do not match what is required for external temperatures. Either there is a sudden frost or…

On a train, an elderly woman remains standing while young people listen to music, obsessed with their smartphones

There are those who maintain that in the past etiquette was too strict, which greatly limited the freedom of expression and the creativity of young people. Perhaps, there is some truth in this statement,…

Not to pass on respect for animals to children has very sad consequences

Educating children is a really complex, but crucial subject which goes from good manners to good nutrition to respect for animals and more. An incident in the Jihlava Zoo - a city in the Czech Republic…

A boy licks the toilet in a public bathroom to "challenge" the Coronavirus: he is now hospitalized

A British boy, a real web influencer, reached hundreds of thousands of views on the social platform TikTok (very popular among teenagers) when he published a short video in which he literally licked the…

A family devastated by the Coronavirus: 4 dead and 3 positive after having infected each other during a lunch

The Fusco family of New Jersey, of clear Italian descent, has now become the tragic "symbol" of the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in the United States. The Fuscos would have infected each other after…

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