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Lionel Messi helped build Europe's largest pediatric oncology center; a humanitarian gesture to support those most in need

The greatness of a man like Lionel Messi is measured not only on the soccer field, in his success as an athlete, but above all outside of sports. Recently, the Barcelona forward was the protagonist of…

He kills a beautiful bird in danger of extinction and exhibits it on social media like a trophy --- the reaction is not long in coming!

When human beings decide to do harm to nature, there is no predator or ferocious beast that can compare because unfortunately, humans can do the worst damage. Therefore, sometimes, when faced with episodes…

More than 500 birds stuffed into tiny cages waiting to be sold as exotic pets have been saved

Many know it, but it is not always obvious: Not all animals are made to live in captivity or to become domesticated. Buying "exotic" creatures as pets because we may like them, or they are sold to people…

We are no longer able to love people, we use them as objects --- Welcome to the era of "relational consumerism"

Once things were not thrown away, they were fixed, but today we buy something, use it, and throw it away. We surround ourselves with what we do not need and give away what could still be useful, we buy…

On a train, an elderly woman remains standing while young people listen to music, obsessed with their smartphones

There are those who maintain that in the past etiquette was too strict, which greatly limited the freedom of expression and the creativity of young people. Perhaps, there is some truth in this statement,…

A supermarket decides to eliminate all foreign products from its shelves, to protest against racism

How many times have we not understood the true value of something until it was gone?  Thus, it may happen that we do not realize how globalized the reality is in which were are living, how there are…

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