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After 8 weeks on a ventilator, a dad is cured of Covid and returns in time for his son's birthday

A beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending happened to this splendid family of four from Essex, England. The father of the family, Omar Taylor, was hospitalized because of the Coronavirus and for 8 weeks…

He asks her to put her dog on a leash, she calls the police: "a man of color is threatening me". She is fired.

Sometimes such unpleasant episodes happen that there seems to be no end to intolerance, selfishness and bad habits in some people. We could not think otherwise after reading what happened in New York,…

Woman faces possible incarceration after destroying 50 swallow nests, killing many hatchlings

Many things happen in this world that we hope we'll never have to witness in person. Among these situations, watching innocent animals being abandoned, abused or uprooted form their homes for no good…

3 fast food employees get arrested and fired for spitting in two police officer's food, thanks to surveillance camera footage

When you're young, it's normal to want to play dirty pranks on people, especially on your friends and family. These three fast food restaurant employees, however, decided to play a nasty prank on a couple…

A woman leaves a child alone at home for 9 days: he saves himself by asking the neighbors for help

Sometimes there are stories and episodes that have the power to simply leave us speechless. We are talking about situations and behaviors that we would never want to witness, and that speak volumes about…

At 113 she defeats Covid-19 with only mild symptoms: she is the oldest woman in Spain to recover from the virus

At 113 years of age Maria Branyas is the oldest woman in Spain to be completely cured of Covid-19 infection; after weeks and weeks of preventive home self-isolation starting from the very difficult month…

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