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Coronavirus: American authorities pull over a stolen semi truck carrying over 8 tons of toilet paper in its trailer

In a period where it's getting harder and harder to find hygienic products like latex gloves, disinfectants, rubbing alcohol, etc., people are finding more occasions to take advantage of people's fears…

A small girl was trampled by a crowd of people racing to buy toilet paper in an Australian supermarket

The Coronavirus epidemic may have started out in China, but has since then spread across the entire planet. Panic and hysteria are two of the biggest words on everyone's lips, and they only seem to be…

"Stop worrying, it's not good for your health": advice from an Italian medical professional on how to overcome stress during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The situation that is uniting the entire world together in this moment is not a happy or easy one. To keep the Coronavirus outbreak from spreading, many countries have ordered their citizens to stay home,…

Suggestions on how to clean your phone during the Coronavirus outbreak without damaging it

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began, public health departments across the globe have been repeatedly expressing the importance of practicing good hygiene. They've been putting particular emphasis on…

To all the medical staff and cleaners who risk their lives every day: thank you.

In such a hectic historical moment, in which we have all been overwhelmed by an epidemic on a global scale, we try to remain calm and do what we should have done since the beginning: to stay at home,…

Coronavirus: a doctor from Taranto stays silent about the symptoms of Covid-19 and infects 9 health workers in his hospital

A doctor from the San Pio di Castellaneta hospital, in the province of Taranto, kept silent about the fever that had started in the first week of March and that arose after a trip he had taken weeks before…

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