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Young woman gives birth to a premature baby, but is forced to return to work after only 12 days of maternity leave: a new mother's plea

Every mother needs to stay at home for a while with her baby immediately after giving birth. If this applies to anyone, we are referring in particular to working mothers who have legally obtained a certain…
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Airline allows its customers to reserve seats far away from children

What does every plane passenger dream of? It's a dream of not only spending one's high-altitude journey in complete tranquility and without turbulence, but also not to be disturbed by other passengers…

An entrepreneur finds his employee in tears and helps her: his act of kindness goes viral

Our lives are not as glamerous as advertising wants to make us believe. Often those with families find themselves having to fight challenges on many fronts: making ends meet economically, managing the…

Employees are forbidden from making plans after work: "I might need you at any moment"

If you are a full-time worker, you will surely have heard many people ask you the question: "What do you do after work?" Many will shrug in a non-commital way, while others will reply that after work…

Mom disinfects the playground equipment in the park before letting her daughter play - many people think this is too much

In times of a pandemic, it's natural to be a little more apprehensive about our health, we are all learning to live with the Coronavirus in a way that we did not think was possible: using a protective…

A young man quits because his employer denies him holidays: he's overwhelmed by a wave of criticism

Finding a good job is a problem that affects many, young and old, who, by now, lend themselves to carrying out, more or less, any type of work. Working means being able to plan a future, it means not…

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