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A train arrives at the station: what happens in the next 7 MINUTES is a miracle !

Every day at Tokyo station, arrive and depart about 320 high speed trains carrying around 400,000 passengers. To allow each of these passengers to find clean and tidy trains for a comfortable travel experience,…
Japan Wtf

15 meters of snow in Japan

A wall of snow surrounds the highway between Bijodaira and Murodo in Tateyama.
Japan Snow Wtf

Chased by a T-Rex

Taken from the most sadistic candid camera of the Rising Sun

Here's how they wrap gifts in Japan. Not bad !!

In this video a man wraps a gift following the method used in Japan: the package is placed diagonally and with just a few movements is wrapped in a perfect way, using very little tape.

Here's how they design bathrooms in Japan to save TIME and MONEY ... Brilliant!

A typical aspect of Japanese culture is the management of the living space, usually highly optimized in terms of economy and functionality. This young girl shows us the distinctive features of a Japanese…

I didn't expect the art of knots and rope rescue could be so exciting !

Here's a demonstration of the extraordinary art rope rescue given by a platoon of trained Japanese firefighters.

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