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These babies take the cake when it comes to hair!

Most of us come into the world basically bald and remain this way for several months. But there are cases where Mother Nature seems to have concentrated much of her energy on the head area, particularly…

She wraps her hair with aluminum... the result is amazing !

For most women, hair is a real priority, which takes time and money especially if very long. That's why it's always handy to know a few tricks to get fast and cheap results. If you have straight hair,…
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Discover "Pretty Little Braids" ... Fantastic braided hairstyles!

Going to school every day with a different (and beautiful) hairstyle would be the dream of many girls, but for little Grace, this is a well-established habit. As a matter of fact, Grace's mother, whose…
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This girl shows you a great trick to get perfect heatless curls!

The use of hot tools to curl, straighten or volumizing you hair can be very invasive, especially if the pace of life impose this routine every day. For this reason, the protagonist of the video shows…
DIY Hair Ideas Useful

Extra-large hairstyles! Here are 24 surprising images directly from the 1960s

In the 1960s, fashion was distinguished by its bold, colorful characteristics, and for the social standards of the era that could even be defined as quite libertine! Together with strongly decisive skirts…

They havn't been to the hairdresser since 1985: their transformation makes them scream !

Tim and Wendy are a very special couple that certainly doesn't have a passion for fashion. With their hair and their clothes, in fact, they seems to have come out of a film on a heavy metal band of the…
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