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This mom turns a simple braid into a new hairstyle in just 5 seconds

The braid is very popular with girls, but also among adult women has never ceased to be fashionable. In this simple tutorial we show how a mom turns a simple braid into a lovely hairstyle.
Children DIY Hair Tricks Tutorial

Gray hair: 15 women who gave up on dye and preferred to show off their natural color

When the first white hair begins to show up, many women try to take cover by masking the event with a beautiful but artificial color. The first time you dye your hair to mask the gray, you think you have…
Hair Welfare Women

12 men who would do well to accept their baldness instead of hiding it

If a few decades ago, losing your hair was considered a real disadvantage, more and more men now embrace the fashion savvy and salutary trend of shaving off all their remaining hair. In fact, they fight…

She starts twisting her hair...what she creates is crazy !!

Braid hair dates as far back as the Egyptian period (4000 BC) and since then has seen like any other trend ups and downs throughout history. What is certain is that it's a hair style loved by girls. In…

Discover what not getting a haircut for 50 years looks like! :)

How much time has passed since the last time you cut your hair? Certainly not as much as for this man, who has not cut his hair for 50 years! No one has ever contacted him to certify the authenticity…

20 people who requested a specific haircut and their hairdresser understood them on the fly!

Perhaps it has also happened to you, to go to your barber or hairdresser with the image of a famous person whose haircut you wanted to copy. In all likelihood, you insisted that it be exactly the same,…

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