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Hair from another world: 16 strange hairstyles that made us re-evaluate our look

We all like to be noticed by people; whether it's a narcissistic reaction or not, having the spotlight is on us, unless we don't want it, always makes us happy. And what's better than a flashy and absolutely…

17 men who have decided to show the world their "spectacular manes"

And who said that women must have long flowing hair and men must go around with clean and very short haircuts? Of course, the fashion of the past decades has in a certain sense accustomed us to this difference…

17 babies who, at few months old, have hair so long that it looks like they are wearing a wig

There is probably no greater joy than witnessing the birth of your child. Even if the first time is never forgotten, it is always an incredible emotion to see a second bundle being born and growing day…

16 people with haircuts from yester year which now look ridiculous to say the least

Fashion is constantly evolving and it's quite difficult to keep up with all the trends of the moment. Every decade prior to ours was characterized by typical attire, which also included the way men and…

15 people who should have taken their hairdresser to court

Going to get a haircut is an activity that many consider relaxing and necessary in order to improve their look. There are those who just want to be more presentable and those who, on the other hand, go…
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Reinventing their look starting with the hair: 17 women who have chosen wonderful short cuts

Going to the hairdresser, especially for a woman, can be therapeutic: once you leave the beauty salon, you return home with a renewed look and you certainly feel much more satisfied with your appearance.…
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