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Video Gardening

He puts a toilet paper roll in the soil: this gardening trick will surprise you

Being a perfect gardener needs a constant process of learning techniques and tips. So, if you want to get more harvest with less effort and chemicals, follow these 10 quick tips that save time, increase…
DIY Gardening Ideas

Here is an ingenious technique to irrigate plants and save a lot of water!

Water is a precious resource and is becoming increasingly rare, which is why not wasting it has become a priority which no one can afford to ignore. Much of the water that is used for cultivation is…

Learn how to plant lemon seeds to grow you own lemon tree!

Do you know where that beautiful lemon tree you have in the garden comes from? It came from a small seed, which later became a tree! If you love this plant, as well as its fruit, and would like to plant…
DIY Gardening Ideas

This man shows you how to build a PERFECT tool for your garden, using corcks !

A vegetable garden at home is an increasingly common practice, not only for a matter of saving money but also due to a growing attention to the origin of what you eat. In this video, learn how to create…

Make 19 holes in the sides of a wooden planter box -- Enjoy the colorful show five months later!

If you are a beginner with gardening DIY projects, this is a good job to start with to get some experience. Professional growers of flowering plants have the tools and knowledge to make a plant bloom…
DIY Gardening Ideas

Put some slices of tomato in a flower pot - here is what happens after 10 days!

In agriculture there is often talk of hybrid and non-hybrid plants, but what is the difference? Without getting into complicated genetic issues, we just know that planting the seeds of the former do not…

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