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Short visual test: Try to find the other eight faces hidden in the bigger face

We all know that our mind, which is always committed to processing data, can be deceived by random or intentionally produced illusions. A truly amazing thing, however, is how some artists know how to…
Art Curious Games

The way you close your fist could reveal some aspects of your personality

Some gestures we make are made unknowingly, unconsciously, perhaps we have learned them from our parents or maybe not --- but what is even more curious is the fact that not all people do them the same…

If you can spot more than 6 animals in the image, you may have an above average intelligence

Optical illusions are a way to test our ability to think in a transversal way, but they also test our capacity to observe what is right in front of us. In fact, by using this capacity we can train our…
Funny Games

Some reasons why, according to astrology, Capricorn women are the most "unattainable"

They always manage to reason with a cool head and their heart is a coded message. Astrology and their horoscope describe them as "unattainable". Yes, it's them: women born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn!…
Games Women

The animal that captures your attention most can give you some clues about your character

The way we are changes with the succession of experiences we have in life but according to some people, the essence with which we come into the world remains the same. This concept is also found in the…

Here are the 6 most patient signs of the whole zodiac! Among these, one, in particular, is the most Zen!

Patience is a skill that not all people have in equal measure. There are those who lose patience with very little provocation, and those who are able to manage situations with Zen-like calmness. Being…

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