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Classic, romantic wedding photo or a prank played the spouses: what do you see in this picture?

When we talk about a wedding, of course, we also talk about the photo shoot, the wedding album, and taking numerous snapshots of the happiest moments of a couple's day. This is a very romantic part…

2-year-old son accidentally orders 31 McDonald's burgers from his mother's cell phone

Today's parents know well that by giving a mobile phone to their young child can calm them down in a few moments. It is a babysitting shortcut that is certainly not the best and most instructive for…

Are you happy? The first thing you see in the image might give you the answer

How many of you like to challenge yourself with visual tests and games to train your mind? You have probably come across photographs or illustrations that have deceived you at first glance: this is how…

7-year-old girl drinks too much from her first communion chalice and the priest tries to stop her (+ VIDEO)

In the Catholic religion, first communion is an important moment for all those boys and girls who are approaching the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time. Of course, it is not just the prerogative…

"Take off your earphones when you talk to me": policeman does not realize that the driver is wearing hearing aids

It can happen, from time to time, that one can be stopped by the traffic police for a spot check or because one has been caught committing a traffic infringement. One user described a singular episode…
Absurd Funny Stories

Neighbor cuts down the plants he believes are on his property, but discovers he was wrong: his is fined

Following rules is a good thing if you want to live in a civil society, integrated with the system and with all other people you share the world with, but what happens when you fall victim to your own…
Absurd Funny Stories

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