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Officers are called for a "dangerous" pit bull, but when they arrive they see that he just wants to play

There are no bad dogs, only reckless and uneducated owners. Certainly, there are breeds of four-legged friends who have different dispositions to others, who is more companionable, who less, but the fact…

The dog sits the wife in the back seat and then holds the husband's hand: the scene is hilarious

There seems to be some sort of competition in Jacob and Carissa's car as they travel with Lucy, an adorable Golden Retriever puppy with a very special character. Lucy, in fact, "forced" her mistress to…

Find the two figures in this optical illusion

Optical illusions have left people scratching their heads for centuries. They're part of a variety of games (e.g. riddles, crosswords, and puzzles) that encourage people to use their analytical and cognitive…

Vincent, the cute little dog who pretends to pass out on the ground instead of returning home from a walk with his master

If you have a pet at home who is crazy about going out for his traditional afternoon walk, you know that returning to him within the four walls is always a trauma. If it were up to our four-legged friends,…

A woman stops making the bed after 45 years and assigns her husband to do it: his attempts are hilarious

Many women and many men know this well: making the bed at home is one of the most hated chores. This is a task that wives, mothers and partners usually take care of and at which guys usually don't get…

A funny optical illusion: try to find the dog in this image

Keeping your brain active is one of the best things you can do to fight against brain aging and diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia. Sometimes, all you need to keep your brain from remaining idle too…

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