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21 lovely reasons NOT to adopt a German shepherd dog

When you want to adopt a dog, you often also inquire about the characteristics of its breed, as if you want to ensure that it is compatible with you and your lifestyle. You wonder, if, in fact, it will…
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21 parents who have devised clever tricks to keep their children under control!

The world of children is magical --- that is to say, that in their eyes the most common scientific and rational laws of nature do not apply, and - even more wonderfully - everything is yet to be discovered,…

A Thai businessman offers a dowry of $315,000 USD to anyone who marries his daughter

In many countries, it is still in use the tradition that the promised groom or his family must offer a bride price to the family of the future bride, as a condition of marriage.  However, there is a…

18 doctors so sexy that meeting them in a hospital ward would increase anyone's heartbeat!

A good doctor is first and foremost a competent and professional figure, but we know that this is not enough. Kindness and empathy are aspects that somehow can modify our opinion of him as a whole, no…

10 ways a daughter completely changes her father's life

Sooner or later in the life of a couple, another woman arrives - who is much younger - to steal the husband's heart: his daughter! What father manages to resist the big sweet eyes of his little girl?…

Are you gaining weight? It is your best friend's fault, researchers say!

If you have been desperately trying to lose weight for some time without achieving the desired results, perhaps you should stop changing from one type of diet to another looking for the best one! It would…

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