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An ingenious life jacket for a goldfish! Check it out!

Sally is a 23-year-old goldfish and due to her advanced age she had developed swim bladder disease, also called swim bladder disorder which is a common ailment in aquarium fish. Consequently, it had become…

Survival is their strongest motivation!

We all have seen at least once in our lifetime a documentary about the heroic ascent of rivers that salmon make during their spawning season. The ascent or crossing that we show in this video, however,…

They dive to explore the seabed and encounter a GIGANTIC fish . . . What a show!

This sea creature is as big as a shark but its good-natured disposition has made it less famous and feared! We are talking about the ocean sunfish, also known as the Mola Mola, which is the world's largest…

A 19-year-old boy catches a record-breaking sturgeon fish!

A giant sturgeon fish had been swimming in the Fraser River outside Lytton, British Columbia (Canada) for many years but not one lover of sport fishing had ever been able to catch it! Amazingly, "Pig…

He throws pieces of meat in a river --- the piranha fish attack is like a horror movie!

Although it is not a large-sized fish, the bad reputation of the piranha fish has origins founded in truth! Just take a look this video made during the feeding time for this school of carnivorous fish.…

What unites a bulldog and a carp fish? --- An unusual and tender friendship!

We have seen friendships between cats and dogs and other animals that were totally unexpected, but this friendship between a French bulldog and a large koi carp fish is undoubtedly the most incomprehensible!…
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