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Video Fail

These 24 people are definitely having a day that is worse than yours!

It happens to everyone to wake up full of energy and optimism towards the world and then ... BAM! ... suddenly find themselves in a situation so unfortunate and unpleasant that it squelches all enthusiasm.…
Fail Funny

27 design fails that are unexplainable unless you attribute them to the madness of those who made them!

Do you know what you mean when it comes to burnout? It is an expression that indicates, in the workplace, a moment of exasperation, of excessive stress that affects the private life and/or health of…
Design Fail Funny

15 do-it-yourself projects that went so far as to become hilarious!

Do-it-yourself and upcycling projects are a great way to engage the head (and hands) and to limit unnecessary waste of materials. We are absolutely in favor and support initiatives of this kind, but browsing…
DIY Fail Funny

21 memorable advertisements placed in the "wrong" place!

In addition to photography, slogans, and graphic arts, the advertisers who design billboards and street signs can also employ another very useful factor to convey their message, namely, strategic positioning.…
Fail Funny

23 images of people whose day has started very badly ...

The way in which misfortune can manifest itself in our lives can take incredibly varied forms.  Unpleasant and strange events can occur in every moment of life without us being able to do much in regards, but…
Absurd Fail Funny

26 funny pictures of people for whom the day started in the worst way

Murphy's law is a set of paradoxical pseudo-scientific rules that describe some aspects of human life by mocking the negativity that afflicts people every day. The first axiom, which in general sums…

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