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Teased because he was the son of a janitor, he was admitted to 9 prestigious universities: a great result

As we all know, education can sometimes be extremely expensive. For those who cannot afford university fees, studying at university can be a real challenge. Yet coming from a humble family is not a valid…

"I can't make ends meet!": a mother of 4 children launches a desperate appeal and receives many donations

Helping others is a dignified choice that we should all consider. A single gesture, which may seem tiny to us, may be immense to someone else and mean something far greater. By combining many small gestures…

"My house is poor but tidy": a woman responds to criticism and teaches everyone a life lesson

There is no holier place than your home. Our homes are our safe place in the world, the environement in which we experience our most beautiful and also our saddest moments. Our homes are always ready…

A woman meets a lion she had raised long before: the animal's reaction is priceless

A Colombian woman comes across an abandoned lion cub and decides to raise it. However, once the lion gets too big and it's impossible to keep as a pet, It's time to move him into a place for big felines:…

An actress adopts a child who lives in a landfill: "He taught me to be more grateful for life"

Adopting a child changes your life. Of course, being able to welcome a child into your home is never easy, between bureaucratic struggles and years and years of attempts that can still turn out to be…

Life continues from this video

Sonia Rochel is a nurse who has been taking care of babies in Paris. She became famous for inventing an original bath (Thalasso Bain) to babies, watch this video and you will understand, because it is…

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