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A woman finds a paralyzed dog but decides to try the IMPOSSIBLE !

Zeus once lived with a family, but when he began to limp he was brutally abandoned in a shelter for dogs, and would have probably been put down because. Thanks to these volunteers, however, he is given…
Dogs Exciting Moving

A woman meets a lion she had raised long before: the animal's reaction is priceless

A Colombian woman comes across an abandoned lion cub and decides to raise it. However, once the lion gets too big and it's impossible to keep as a pet, It's time to move him into a place for big felines:…

Life continues from this video

Sonia Rochel is a nurse who has been taking care of babies in Paris. She became famous for inventing an original bath (Thalasso Bain) to babies, watch this video and you will understand, because it is…

After 7 months lost dog is found and reunited with the family

An exciting video to raise awareness among dog owners about the use of the microchip in order to avoid a painful loss: the dog Dora, who fled from her home in Texas because of the fireworks, is reunited…

A young boy is freezing in the street for two hours, but eventually something magical happens!

Here is a very delicate experiment starring a homeless young guy wandering the streets of New York. Although the temperature is well below freezing, for two long hours none of the passers turns their…

Kindness Can Let This World Be A Better Place

An act of kindness can do a lot more than you think. The ripple effect is well shown in this video. For further information on the video please visit:

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