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A study reveals that one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer's could be loss of spatial orientation

The number of Alzheimer's patients is destined to increase over time and the pathology risks becoming a real social scourge, as there is no cure for this and other types of dementia - at least for the…

According to some researchers, the use of smartphones could change the structure of the human body

The phenomenon of "bone spurs" is a physiological condition that occurs in humans usually at a rather advanced age, and in individuals who have particular pathologies or due to prolonged and incorrect…

A storm brings to light a settlement built 5000 years ago and here are the images of the "Scottish Pompeii"

History always re-emerges, sometimes by the work of a person who goes in search of it, and others only because perhaps the time had come for it to return to the light. In 1850, in Skaill Bay in the Orkney…

Sleeping a lot during the weekend is good for your health and add years to your life

When the weekend arrives, everyone fills it up with a myriad of activities and commitments that they cannot do during the week. But if you are the kind of person who when they think about the weekend…

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