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He Puts a bar of soap in the microwave. The result is awesome !

In this video you can see 6 easy science experiments that using the basic rules of chemistry and physics create interesting results and also very instructive for children.

One of the most absurd and dangerous situations you've ever seen

The people around the runway of the airport of Skiathos, Greece, seem to enjoy the thrill of hearing a huge mass of metal move a few feet from their head and to be thrown away by the jetblast. Along Princess…
Curious Follies Planes Wtf

A fishing day this man will not forget

It looked like a normal fishing trip with the kayak but this fisherman realises he is not the only predator in the neighborhood: if you go fishing in shark waters, you can't expect to have exclusive rights…

Who wouldn't want one of these !?

A vehicle with no limits: the Gibbs Quadski is an amphibious vehicle launched in 2012 that combines the features of a quadricycle with those of a jetski.

She ties a rubber band around the door handle: this simple trick can save you big problems

The tricks to solve small daily difficulties usually involve the use of simple objects which can be found in every house. In this case, for example, all you need is a rubber band, which you all have in…
Curious DIY Ideas

A man pours molten metal in the sand: his creation is fantastic!

In this video, a man shows how he managed, with a homemade smelter, to liquefy various drinks cans to create little treats made of pure metal and then after, a splendid sword worthy of a fantasy film.…

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