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Video Animation

Wood or crocodile?

A short video where two animals confront their ideas ... A bit of irony, but with a clear message.
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El Empleo. Winner of the Berlin Film Festival

El Empleo, or "The employment" is the short film, winner at the Berlin Film Festival. The Argentine video is a symbol that represents the "pyramid" of the world of work in today's world.

MAN: the cruelty of man represented in a cartoon

An animation showing a man in a relationship with nature. Shocking but plausible with an ending that does justice.

Rollin Christmas

The Rollin' Wild Team wishes you a Merry Christmas with a nice animation !!!

What if the animals were round?

Some scenes of wildlife in the world of "Rollin 'Wild."

Do you want to feel like a baby? Watch the video!

The new tender teaser of "Frozen" (Disney).

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