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"Rainworks" Only Show Up When It RAINS!
 An affectionate polar bear and a dog? Stress -- the silent but deadly killer!

"Rainworks" Only Show Up When It RAINS!


You do not necessarily have to be weather sensitive to feel a bit sad and depressed on rainy days. If it rains sporadically, rain can be fascinating and enjoyable, but when it continues for an entire season, it can greatly affect our mood.

The street artist Peregrine Church has come up with a solution to cheer up the citizens of Seattle during rainy days --- by using his street art skills!

Church calls it "Rainworks", and it consists of drawings that appear on sidewalks only when it rains. How? Just combine science with imagination!

To create the drawings, Church uses a superhydrophobic coating--- this is a liquid which "repels" water molecules so that the underlying surface does not get wet.

This superhydrophobic liquid coating is used in various fields of industry to make surfaces highly impermeable. Church, instead, uses it for his invisible art.


The superhydrophobic liquid coating that Church uses is totally invisible and appears only when the rest of the untreated surface is wet, which takes on a darker color.

His works are often motivational or funny phrases or cute designs that echo the theme of water.

Church's street art, as well as being legal, is also environmentally friendly! In fact, the artist says that the solvent used in the liquid evaporates when applied, leaving on the sidewalk only the biodegradable components.

On Peregrine Church's website, it is written: "Whether you like it or not, is going to rain. Why not have some fun?". This phrase best expresses the philosophy of this art!

Do you want to see a rainy day from a different point of view? See how they have transformed the sidewalks of Seattle, minute by minute . . .


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