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A Beautiful Vase Made Entirely Of Colored…
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A Beautiful Vase Made Entirely Of Colored Pencils! Stunning!


A wood lathe is a machine that is used to shape a wooden object as it is rotated. The desired form and shape is obtained through the use of special chisels which remove the wood chips.

Knowing how to use this tool is a true art. The artist in the video, however, uses a very specific starting material from which he creates his works of art.

In fact, he does not use a simple piece of wood but a bunch of colored pencils which, once glued together, are transformed into different objects! Here we see that he has created a beautiful vase ... Fantastic!

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Ecco Cos'è il Riciclo Creativo... per un Maestro Artigiano

Niente è IMPOSSIBILE... per un Maestro Artigiano! Scopri altri progetti: NZ Woodturning | Youtube: goo.gl/2y37sE

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