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A Spirit That Would Not Give Up!

This pit bull puppy was found huddled on a sidewalk in Los Angeles at the end of a very hot summer season. She was very thin, although close to her there was a bowl full of food that someone had brought…

Get Rid Of Pesky Mosquitoes The Natural Way!

Each summer the fight starts again to protect ourselves from the annoying attacks coming from the world's most hated insect --- the mosquito. However, if you are opposed to the use of chemical repellents…
DIY Tricks Useful

Learn How To Make A Tasty And Traditional Spanish Dessert!

There are recipes for fried milk in several countries. There are traces of this recipe in southern Italy and Liguria (northwest Italy), but what we present today is the traditional Spanish version. Its…

"Dragon Hole" In The China Sea Is Now The World's Deepest Blue Hole!

Dragon Hole looks like a huge, intensely blue hole in the middle of the Chinese Sea, and has been proclaimed the world's deepest blue hole, surpassing the record set by Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.…
Nature Record Sea

Do You Like Camper Vans? Take A Look At This One!

If you love traveling on the road, but you do not want to buy a camper because it is too cumbersome, here is the solution that you should definitely take into consideration, the "star" of the German Hymer…

Learn How To Make Homemade Chocolate Nougat!

After listening to countless warnings about the quality of packaged foods sold in supermarkets, many people have realized that the only solution is self-production --- to make it yourself! There is a…

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