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This Dad Had An Idea That Helps To COLOR The World HAPPY!

It all started at a dinner at a restaurant with his family! Bryan Ware asked the waiter to bring him some crayons and paper to entertain his young children during the evening. Intrigued, he asked what…

A Heartwarming Story Of An Abandoned Baby Rescued In Time!

Raul Marin Ceja as he did every day, left his house to go to work, and crossed a bridge over a canal. Leaning over, he noticed some blankets that were wrapped as if there was something inside. Immediately…

Wait! Are You Sure You Want To Throw That Away?!

The historical period in which we now live is characterized by waste. In fact, many years ago, Italo Calvino had already written a book, "Invisible Cities" where he provided a very suggestive image of…

Although This Duo Lacks Sophistication They Win With Charm!

In this family, the artistic inspiration comes from someone you would never suspect! In fact, the members of this duo, composed of a keyboard player and singer are, in fact, a little toddler and his boxer…

Homemade Mexican Fried Ice Cream -- A Dream Come True!

As we know, frying makes just about any food taste more delicious and ice cream is no exception! If you think preparing it at home is difficult --- think again! The Mexican version that we propose in…

Here's Someone Who Will Cook Whenever And Whatever You Want!

It would be nice to come home from work every night and not have to cook dinner and instead find on the table a nice hot meal ready to be eaten. Thanks to technology, this can be possible, and will not…

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