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TOP Video of the moment!

Compassionate Conservation Officer Saves Orphaned Bears!

British Canadian animal conservation officer, Bryce Casavant's story seems almost unbelievable! Officer Casavant, after having captured two bear cubs that had been orphaned when their mother had been…

The Perfect Shoulder To Lean On?! Your NodPod Travel Pillow!

Everyone, at least once, has experienced the very unpleasant feeling of being assaulted by sleepiness in a car, bus or train, and not being able to really find the right position to enjoy a nap. In fact,…

A Freaky Drone Actually Changes Light Bulbs!? Wow!

Probably none of you would ever think about using an unmanned small aircraft aka drone to change a light bulb! Right? Right! However, diehard fans of drones are fully capable of spending many hours and…

These DIY Pom-pom Rugs Are Both Pretty AND Practical! Check It Out!

The creativity boom we are experiencing around the world is bringing original ideas to every possible sector and field of do-it-yourself (DIY). Today, we present an object you can make at home that can…

Feet And Shoe Hacks That Keep You ... One Step Ahead! :)

Wearing comfortable shoes not only allows you to be able to walk longer distances without problems but also prevents problems related to posture and therefore allows you to live better. Then, the answer,…

Watch As This Small Child Climbs A Two-meter (6.5 Ft) Fence!

Some parents resort to safety door fences with bars, like the one in the video, to keep their children in designated rooms or perhaps to temporarily remove them from a situation that could be dangerous.…

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