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TOP Video of the moment!

This Mama Panda Bear Unexpectedly Sets A World Record!

All the staff at the Atlanta zoo had goosebumps due to the intense anticipation! The sweet 15-year-old giant female panda bear named Lun Lun had finally arrived at the end of her pregnancy and to monitor…

What This Pit Bull Dog Was Protecting And How She Did It Is ... Incredible!

When they spotted a stray pit bull dog in the street they carefully approached it and made a truly amazing discovery! Pittie, this is the name they gave the female pit bull, was lovingly protecting and…

Pure Panic! Run! What WAS ....that THING!

If you live in a place that is also a natural habit for crocodiles then a prank like this will work to perfection!  Th creators of this "hidden camera" prank decided to put a frisky dog in a very realistic…
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A Pokémon Go ---Magic Card Trick! Check This Out!

It looks like a normal video, that puts the viewer's powers of observation to the test with this famous 3-card shell game! However, after some card shuffling and demonstrations there comes a point when…

See Instant Karma In Action! Whoa!

There are some people who, for some reason, if they are not bothering someone else, they are not happy. Case in point is this fisherman who instead of focusing on what he is supposed to be doing, namely…
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A Courageous Man Saves A Dog Drowning In A Frozen Lake!

Few people would have done what this man quickly decided to do --- all to save the life of a dog that had accidentally fallen into the icy waters of a frozen lake. In the video, we can see that this compassionate…

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