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Can You Easily Perform These Movements With Your Hands? You May Have Marfan Syndrome!

If you remember, there is a period during our childhood in which were always saying, "Can you do this? And this?"  Well, if you have noticed that besides being able to roll your tongue in every which…

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Cooking Pasta

Saying "pasta" is a bit like saying "Italy". As a matter of fact, it is in Italy where since the Middle Ages, this preparation created from semolina or flour has been increasingly defined, both in the…

9 Gestures That Reveal If There Is A Gentleman By Your Side

Although today we tend to think that the gestures and forms of even common courtesy are progressively disappearing, some men still remember not to take for granted those small gestures that can make the…

22 Tips For Body Care That Will Make You Always Look Fit And Presentable!

Would you like to take better care of yourself but you always have very little time at your disposal? Do you think that certain treatments are desirable but too expensive? Well, let's try this: Right…

10 Unknown Functions On Your Smartphone That You Will Start Using Immediately

All (or most) of us own a smartphone. This tool has become more and more important for us over the years. Whether it is to find information quickly, to take photos or make or watch videos that we consider…

12 Cleaning Tricks That You Will Look Forward To Putting Into Practice!

Even if housecleaning is not really your strong point, it must be said that when you finish doing household chores, there is always a feeling of satisfaction, that good mood that comes when everything…

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