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Keep The Water In Your Swimming Pool Warm!

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden and you would like to use it during the hours of the day when the water is still a bit too cool, then here is a practical and efficient way…

Unbelievable Things That Happen Only ... On The Subway!

One of the things that characterize big cities is the presence of infrastructures such as subways, an efficient means of public transport that connects neighborhoods, people, and lifestyles. It is often…

Uncommon Physical Abilities And Signs?! What Do They Mean?!

Almost all of us forget, that each one of us is unique and special.  There are, however, certain physical abilities and attributes that only very few people in the world possess and can, therefore, be…

How To Immediately Recognize The Symptoms Of A Stroke!

Stroke (or apoplectic stroke), consists of an abrupt low flow of blood to the brain that causes the death of brain cells. There are two types of strokes --- the called "ischemic", which is due to a sudden…

Keep Your Hands Looking Younger Longer! Here's How!

The face is certainly the part of the body that we take the most care of, especially those who want to appear to be younger and still in shape! However, there is another part of the body, perhaps even…

Who Is Your Amy Jo?!? Getting To Know A Homeless Person...

Homeless people are everywhere in the world. These are people who end up living on the street (or who are born there) for the most disparate reasons and who, from that moment, seem to become ghosts for…

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