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Hair Like This You Have Rarely Seen Before!

We see at first that this woman's hair is collected and held at the back of her head in a bun. Then, it is revealed that her hair is actually long, but it is only at the end that you will understand that…

For This Baby, It Was .....love At First Sight!

This little baby cannot and will not take his eyes off his mother, he looks at her totally enthralled while blissfully displaying a seraphic expression.  He looks at her so long and fixedly that even…

A Doctor, A Young Cancer Patient, And A Ukulele ...

There is a therapy that must never be missing from those traditionally implemented for cancer care  --- a smile! Happiness strengthens the immune system, it does not do miracles, but it certainly gives…

Discover How To Make Detailed Family Handprints In Plaster!

Sometimes, when someone puts down a layer of cement, those who carried it out leave their handprints to immortalize a date, a significant event, or an important relationship. If however, you want to…

Kent Meets His Baby Brother Noah For The First Time!

The arrival of a sibling is a very powerful news for the first-born, who probably does not fully understand what has happened but who in any case suffers from the general stress and agitation in the…

Look What Computer-controlled Machine Tools Can Do!

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are mostly used in high-precision work, but over time their use has spread to various other fields including the artistic ones. Basically these machines produce a…

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