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This Little Baby Is Clever ... He Takes A Short Cut!

Young children do not have any perception of danger and for this reason, they frequently hurt themselves. Sometimes, however, their spontaneous desire to just move their bodies makes them discover tricks…

Seven-Yogurt Cup Dessert Cake

The 7 Yogurt Cup Dessert Cake gets it name from the object that is used during its preparation. In fact, in addition to using the contents of the yogurt cup, you will also use it as a measuring tool for…

Take A Look At This Water Vortex Fountain That Flows Continuously --- Forever!

Having a water fountain in your garden, even a small one, is something that certainly gives a touch of elegance to an outside environment and the water fountain that is shown in the video, in this sense,…

This 13-year-old's Voice Touches The Heart And Soul ...

Calista Clark is only thirteen years old and yet there is something about her that makes her sing as if she were already a successful artist and this is without a doubt due to her immense talent. When…

Giorgio Minisini And Manila Flamini (ITA) Mixed Duet Wins The Gold Medal

During the synchronized swimming duet competition at the World Water Sports Championships 2017 Budapest, the couple, Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini won a historic gold! The first in absolute for…

China Contaminates And Kills Fish Around Pagasa (Thitu) Island

What is happening to the inhabitants of the Pagasa (Thitu) island, in the Chinese sea and the marine species that populate it, has been made known worldwide through a Facebook page. Chinese ships in transit…

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