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Tokio Myers Blend Of Classic And Modern Piano Music Stuns Everyone!

Tokyo Myers is thirty years old and he is fortunate to still be alive today. He says he grew up in a dangerous and seedy environment, some of his classmates have died in prison, and that at the age of…

Classical Music Lovers Are Evergreen Just Like Classical Music!

Dorothy Landry was a hundred and one years old when she heard for the first time Ryan Wang playing the piano and was so impressed by this little prodigy's music and talent that she began to follow his…

Unexpected Live Entertainment At A Supermarket!

In this supermarket, something quite extraordinary happened! While everyone else was doing their grocery shopping, a young boy decided to start playing the piano installed inside the store! It will take…
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A Curious Analysis Of Piano Playing ...

Anyone who has no idea how a piano is played observes all of the expert hand and finger movements as a skill that for most people is unattainable.  Of course, the ability to move from one key to another…

Can This Guy Play The Piano Or What?! Listen UP! :)

The man you see in the video is called Brendan Kavanagh, but his friends and acquaintances call him Dr. K Boogie Woogie. The reason? You easily figure that out by watching - and especially listening -…
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He Was Bored With His Toy Piano --- Now Look What He Can Do!

This child prodigy's talent was accidently discovered when his older brother received a toy piano for Christmas. The older brother's interest only lasted a few days, and he put the toy aside. The younger…
Music Piano Talents

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